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It is very important that our members read their Newsletters and we would like you to take particular note of any articles about the CLASSES, SOCIALS AND CLUB GARIBALDI CAR PARKS – see the last paragraph in this Newsletter.
If anyone has any queries about their email addresses or non-arrival of the Newsletters please contact Elizabeth Peek at:
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Check the website Home page for news that arrives between Newsletters. New events are posted here.
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The Circolo Committee has decided not to offer the scholarship this year as two were awarded last year. However, if someone particularly deserving of the scholarship applies for it this year we will reconsider this decision. Basic requirements for eligibility are: Applicants must have been a member of the Circolo for at least 24 months prior to application. We also expect that the applicant who wishes to attend an Italian Language School in Italy has a knowledge of basic Italian grammar up to and including the Intermediate 1 level. Preference will be given to language students who are prepared to enrol in a course of no less than four weeks duration. Applications or the scholarship should be made in writing and be received by the President by 30 September 2017.
To obtain a prospectus contact President Elizabeth Peek, email
president@circoloitaliano.org.nz, telephone 4759781.
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Sadly, our dear friend, Peter Smith, passed away on 18 August, 2017. Peter was a long-term student in the Circolo classes and also he gave great service to the Circolo Committee : 16 years in total as Treasurer. He was such a lovely man and we will miss him so much, particularly in the classes at the Circolo. We send our condolences to his wife, Elisabeth and their family.
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Monthly social evenings are usually held on the first Thursday of each month from March to November inclusive. Topics vary from time to time but they all have an Italian flavor. A light supper is served during or after the events. Garibaldi House is the usual venue but other venues may be selected during the course of the year, the social evenings are conducted in English. Further information on the topics and venues will be made available with the monthly Circolo Newsletter.
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At 7.30pm on Thursday 7 September, Monique Maguire (nee Amato), who is a Circolo member in the Advanced 1 class. She will be talking about when she went to Italy as a 19 year old as part of her Italian studies, and ended up tracking down her heritage in Sicily. Her grandfather came from Buccheri and her grandmother was from Ferla; both towns are in the province of Siracusa, Sicily. Her presentation will touch on her family history, and some key observations about the Italian language and culture from her time with her family in Sicily.
Sounds interesting!!; come along and enjoy a relaxing evening with Circolo members and friends!!
A $5.00 charge towards supper will apply.
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The Societa Dante Alighieri, Christchurch (website:
www.dante.org.nz/chch) hosts Radio programmes on Italian topics.
Cartolina is the programme of Italian culture and life that airs on PLAINS FM 96.9 every second Wednesday at 7.30pm and repeats on the following Monday at 10.30am. You can listen to each programme from anywhere in the world, either live or recorded on podcast, on the website: plainsfm.org.nz/podcasts/programme/cartolina/
Forthcoming programmes are:
6 September: following up on the previous programme. Zeffirino tells about his sister Dorina’s courtship by, and subsequent marriage to, a New Zealand soldier at the end of the war. Then he moved to New Zealand, along with his brothers, sisters, and parents. Zeffirino describes what work was like in the steel industry, and in the tyre industry. Buying houses, shooting rabbits and boar, and getting married. Hunting became a big part of Zeffirino’s life, bringing to publishing his best hunting stories.

Radio Cartolina is the radio programme “For those who remember Italy and who dream of it”. It’s produced under the patronage of Società Dante Alighieri Christchurch, and aired locally through Community radio Plains FM 96.9. It’s also available in podcast from: plainsfm.org.nz/podcasts/programme/cartolina you can find all recent programmes in podcast. Cartolina producer Wilma Laryn wishes you all: Buon Ascolto!!

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Fine words don’t feed cats!! Italian translation: Belle parole non pascono I gatti!!
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