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Italian Language Courses

Weekly on Monday or Wednesday evenings, commencing 12 / 14 February 2018 through to the end of October ( short breaks in April, June, August ) - 30 lessons in total, each of 55 minutes duration.
Evening classes and socials are held in
Garibaldi House, Top Floor, 118 Tory Street(corner Vivian Street), Wellington City.




Courses are designed to be practical with the emphasis on spoken rather than written work. Please note that due to constraints of numbers in classes, enrolment to classes other than Beginners Stage One will be at the discretion of the President and Tutors.

  • Beginners - Stage One
                    Monday          5:40pm - 6:35pm    
                    Wednesday     5:40pm - 6:35pm    
  • Beginners - Stage Two
                    Wednesday     6:40pm - 7:35pm    
  • Pre-Intermediate Stage One
                    1a Monday          6:40pm - 7:35pm   
                    1b Monday          7:45pm - 8:40pm   
  • Pre-Intermediate Stage two
                    Wednesday     7:45pm - 8:40pm   
  • Intermediate 1a
                    Monday           5:40pm - 6:35pm   
  • Intermediate 1b
                    Wednesday     5:40pm - 6:35pm   
  • Post-Intermediate
                    Wednesday     6:40pm - 7:35pm   
  • Advanced
                    Monday           6:40pm - 7:35pm   
                    Monday           7:45pm - 8:40pm   

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Beginners Stage One
Beginners Stage Two
Pre-Intermediate One
Pre-Intermediate Two
Intermediate One
Intermediate Two
Francesca Benocci
Francesca Benocci
Francesca Benocci
Francesca Benocci
Antonella Sarti
Antonella Sarti
Antonella Sarti
Antonella Sarti

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Beginners Stage One - Buongiorno Italia - 2005 edition
Beginners Stage Two - Buongiorno Italia - 2005 edition
Pre Intermediate 1a - The Italian Project 1a.
Pre Intermediate 1b - The Italian Project 1b.
Pre Intermediate Two - The Italian Project 2a.
Intermediate 1a - Gramm.it for English Speakers
Intermediate 1b - Gramm.it for English Speakers
Post-Intermediate - Arrivederci 3
Advanced courses - Nuovo Magari

It is essential that each student has access to a copy of the relevant text book.

All of the required textbooks can be ordered online from The Book Depository, UK. Detailed descriptions and specific website addresses of the textbooks will be printed on all enrolment acceptance emails.

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Circolo Italiano has an extensive library of Italian books and magazines. The library is at Garibaldi house, 118 Tory Street (corner Vivian Street). Items may be borrowed by Circolo Members.

The library is open during social functions.

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Timetable 2018

Mon 12 Feb 1A
Wed 14 Feb 1B
Mon 19 Feb 2A
Wed 21 Feb 2B
Mon 26 Feb 3A
Wed 28 Feb 3B
Mon 05 Mar 4A
Wed 07 Mar 4B
Thu 08 Mar - Social
Mon 12 Mar 5A
Wed 14 Mar 5B
Mon 19 Mar 6A
Wed 21 Mar 6B
Mon 26 Mar 7A
Wed 28 Mar 7B
Mon 02 Apr Break
Wed 04 Apr Break
Thu 05 Apr - Social
Mon 09 Apr 8A
Wed 11 Apr 8B
Mon 16 Apr 9A
Wed 18 Apr 9B
Mon 23 Apr Break
Wed 25 Apr Break
Mon 30 Apr 10A
Wed 02 May 10B
Thu 03 May - Social
Mon 07 May 11A
Wed 09 May 11B
Mon 14 May 12A
Wed 16 May 12B
Mon 21 May 13A
Wed 23 May 13B
Mon 28 May 14A
Wed 30 May 14B
Mon 04 Jun Break
Wed 06 Jun Break
Mon 11 Jun Break
Wed 13 Jun Break
Thu 14 Jun - Social
Mon 18 Jun 15A
Wed 20 Jun 15B
Mon 25 Jun 16A
Wed 27 Jun 16B
Mon 02 Jul 17A
Wed 04 Jul 17B
Thu 05 Jul - Social
Mon 09 Jul 18A
Wed 11 Jul 18B
Mon 16 Jul 19A
Wed 18 Jul 19B
Mon 23 Jul 20A
Wed 25 Jul 20B
Mon 30 Jul 21A
Wed 01 Aug 21B
Thu 02 Aug - Social
Mon 06 Aug Break
Wed 08 Aug Break
Mon 13 Aug Break
Wed 15 Aug Break
Mon 20 Aug 22A
Wed 22 Aug 22B
Mon 27 Aug 23A
Wed 29 Aug 23B
Mon 03 Sep 24A
Wed 05 Sep 24B
Thu 06 Sep - Social
Mon 10 Sep 25A
Wed 12 Sep 25B
Mon 17 Sep 26A
Wed 19 Sep 26B
Mon 24 Sep 27A
Wed 26 Sep 27B
Mon 01 Oct 28A
Wed 03 Oct 28B
Thu 04 Oct - Social
Mon 08 Oct 29A
Wed 10 Oct 29B
Mon 15 Oct 30A
Wed 17 Oct 30B
Thu 18 Oct - Beginners 2 students - Test for admission to Pre-Intermediate 1 class
Wed 24 Oct Classes Closing Ceremony
Thu 29 Nov AGM

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